What is I-Creativity?

Art platform for everyone.

I-Creativity is designed as a platform to accommodate publish, and expose the creative works of IPEKA Christian School’s students, teachers, and staff to the public.

Why I-Creativity?

Artistic. Vibrant. Lifetime Exposure.

I-Creativity comes with an artistic nuance and full of vibrant to encourage students, teachers, and staff to contribute and send their best artwork. Their artworks can be enjoyed from time to time digitally from this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Take a picture or scan your artwork, then submit it to your teacher.

Yes, one person can submit more than one artwork and it can be in any category.

Submitted artwork can be in the form of an image, video, or text.

IPEKA Christian School welcomes you to this website. IPEKA strives to expose the widest possible artworks from its students, teachers, and staff. All artworks displayed on this website is representative of the school’s collection and exclusively belongs to the artist, therefore they’re not for sale and can’t be downloaded. 
All artworks of IPEKA students, teachers, and employees are original works and not plagiarized. If it is found that their work is plagiarism, IPEKA is not responsible for any legal consequences.
IPEKA Christian School reserves the right to add or remove the artworks from this website without prior notice. Any changes or updates to the content of this website may occur without prior notice.
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